Education and biography

I studied Fine Art at The Arts Institute of Bournemouth.

Artists statement

When I start a painting I try and not predetermine what I am going to paint.  I just get all my paints out and go with the flow.  This allows the picture to evolve as instinctively as possible.  When I have finished painting I name it using song lyrics.  The title relates  to how the painting makes me feel, rather than a specific idea.  For me each painting is still unfinished, until I have given it a title.

Current and future exhibitions

Arts & Makers Market (formerly known as Pine Walk)
30th July – 12 August 2018
0900 – 1700 daily

Sandy McFarlane

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alistair

    I am glad you like your paintings.

    I have sent you an email with jpgs of your paintings.

    Any painting that has private collection in the details are sold the others are still available.

    Once again thank you for your kind comments they are much appreciated.



  2. Hi Sandy,

    Purchased two paintings from you yesterday – woke up and saw them this morning – still very pleased with them !

    I may well be back for more.

    Are all the ones shown on here sold ?

    There are a couple more that I like.

    Do you have jpg files of the two I bought yesterday so I can show them to my friends ? They were “possibly maybe probably love” & “ride with me through the veins of history”

    Thanks again



  3. Purchased your painting yesterday late afternoon – the guy from Essex. Have it on the wall now – really like it. Thanks.


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