About me

My story from the beginning…

Many years ago when I was at school girls did Art and boys did Technical Drawing.

Fast forward several decades and I am working as an engineer and decided to do GCSE Art at night school as stress relief from work.  I really enjoyed it and spent the next seven years studying Art part time, final finishing at Bournemouth Art Institute.

When I start a painting I try not to predetermine what I am going to paint.  I just get my paints out and go with the flow.  This allows the picture to evolve as instinctively as possible.  I have always loved music and have a wide ranging taste.  When I have finished painting I name it using song lyrics.  The title relates  to how the painting makes me feel.  For me each painting is still unfinished, until I have given it a title.

My paintings are in arranged in chronological order in Galleries.  To see my latest work go to Gallery 5.

I hope you enjoy my paintings, please feel free to comment on them via the leave a comment box at the bottom of my home page.

Sandy McFarlane