When a shed becomes a studio Part 3

At last the last part of of my shed to studio conversion. As mentioned in the last post I wanted to sort out a way to have a display wall. I wanted something that I could easily move and take down if needed, it had to be able to take as many paintings as possible large and small and not be expensive. This is what I came up with.

So from the top I have a metal curtain rail with plastic hooks. Ten lengths of white PVC electrical conduit that are held together with conduit clips screwed to lengths of wood (that make five separate hangers). The conduit clips have been filed out a bit to allow adjustments up and down the conduit lengths as and when required.

Three bicycle spokes joined to a length of wood are used to hang the pair of conduits from the curtain rail.

I cut up some old picture frames to make the wooden holders for my artwork. Each wooden holder is easy to move up and down or removed completely via one bolt.

To allow easy movement at the bottom of each hanger I made wooden wheels that can run on the skirting board and that is my display wall all ready.

By Sandy McFarlane

Abstract Artist

2 replies on “When a shed becomes a studio Part 3”

Hi Alistair great to hear from you. I remember you carrying both paintings (“Come ride with me through the veins of history” and “Possibly maybe probably love”) back to your car at the same time. That is really cool that you still have them on your wall at home. As you say that must be about ten years ago I still have my paperwork from then so I will look it up at the weekend. Update it was 31st June 2010.

Glad to see that you’re still painting. It was good to see my two of your paintings in Gallery 2 on your website. Must be over 10 years since I bought them. They still hang in my flat in Surrey.