When a shed becomes a studio Part 2

Well it has been a while but here is the next instalment. I wanted to have a big work surface for painting (I don’t use an easel as I like to work from above when painting). I also wanted to maximise my storage space. So after looking at lots of different ideas and combinations of these ideas, this is what I came up with. I had an old welsh style dresser that we no longer used, so I took it apart and rebuilt the top section to make it level with the bottom section. Then to give myself as much storage as possible, I have left the bottom part of the dresser sections open. I fitted a broom handle on the back section so that I can hang work in this area.

Base and resized top of old dresser

I then bought a sheet of MDF cut into two halves, the first half to sit on top of the dresser sections. I cut up a broom handle and screwed glide pads (for moving fridges etc) onto both ends so that I can support the second MDF sheet above the first sheet. The white discs on the ends of each leg are to stop the legs from toppling over. Several legs were made to hold the top MDF sheet in place. I wanted the legs to be movable so that I can vary the size and position of what is stored between the two MDF sheets.

Support legs

The whole construction is solid but easily taken apart if needed. I was going to paint everything white but my wife suggested it would be a bit clinical, I thought about it and agreed with what she was saying. So after much consideration I decided to go fairly bold, with the proviso that when painting or looking at a painting I would not be able to see the red and black.

Work surface and storage

With the remaining parts of the dresser and some spare bits of wood I made a wall mounted book case and more storage.

Bookcase and storage

I bought a second hand music system (I didn’t want to worry about getting paint on a new one). However it did not come with a lid so with a bit of magic and the last bit of dresser I got myself a fully functioning bright red cover.

Music what else do I need

Well that is about it for now my next job will be figuring out how to get a wall hanging display area for my paintings… this may take a while.