When a shed becomes a studio Part 1

As mentioned in my last post, I am turning my shed (summer house) into my studio. I have insulated the walls, floor and ceiling.

All insulated

I left a gap in the ceiling so that it can breathe and drilled holes for air to pass through the roof. The holes are protected from insects etc by mesh that I cut up and tied around curtain rail loops.

Roof ventilation hole covers

Plasterboard and paint on the the walls (white of course). I spent ages deciding what to do with the floor leave it bare (cold in winter), carpet (warm in winter but wet dirt from garden) or lino (easy to clean but cold in winter). My wife suggested artificial grass and I love it, makes me smile every time I see it.

Green on the inside (artificial grass)

Part 2 coming soon…

By Sandy McFarlane

Abstract Artist